Kristina Jones

Vocal Coaching and Training


A talented and joyful free spirit, Kristina Jones brings to her students over 30 years of experience on a national and international level as a vocal performer, teacher, choral conductor/clinician, band coach, and theater director. She has also served as a dialect coach in five languages and has produced radio programs.

Vocal Coaching & Training

"I teach spiritual singing, a method of integrating bel canto vocal technique with body and spirit that works for every kind of singer. You will learn the energetics of singing, becoming a vehicle for sound. You will have the unique experience of being sung, and of being an instrument of Higher Creative Energy." – Kristina

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced singer, Kristina will show you how to grow and develop your voice and perfect your "vocal instrument" in any style -- from blue grass to opera. Kristina offers hour-long individual lessons in a fun, loving, and safe environment.

Lessons can be purchased individually or in packages.

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Kristina Jones

Phone: 503-880-5086


Kristina resides in Ocean Park, Washington. She also teaches kundalini yoga meditation classes.

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